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I was so pleased with how that went today. I came home and told B. that I wish we had been with your practice 'years' ago. You are really top-notch! For all that you did today, it was so smooth and comfortable, considering the intensity of it. I just may get over my anxiety of dental appointments going through your office now! See you soon.
Kathy K.

I hadn't seen a dentist in about 10-11 years, and I wasn't sure what to look for. I ended up finding them through my insurance co. and was pleasantly surprised. All of the staff have been quite friendly and nice to talk / work with. The procedures were quick, and done well, and I feel like I made the right choice in going with this dental office.
Sean R.

Had a very unpleasant dental experience before I found Dr Lam. Not only does she have knowledge and professionalism, but she has a beautiful, clear way of explaining exactly what is being done which is so appreciated - especially to a wary patient. Also her entire staff is fun and helpful and the ambience is so peaceful and relaxing. I'm referring my friends plus my husband.
Nitya P.

I am very happy with Dr. Lam and her whole team. They are all professional and courteous. I've had to change dentist clinics before, and I feel like I've landed in the right place. Our whole family is under Dr. Lam's care, and Dr. Hon before that, and we've had nothing but good experience. Keep it up.
Danny K.

My daughter is 4 and we haven't had much success with forming the habit to brush teeth before bed, 6 month ago her first visit to Factorial Pediatric Dentistry was filled with screams and kicks, no one was able to get close to her teeth. When we made the appointment to try out Dr. Lam's office this time we didn't know what to expect. It was amazing to see how Dr. Lam gentally talked my stubborn little one into counting her own teeth cheerfully and checking out the alligator shaped dental floss pick, even cleaning and checking out the newly developed cavity :( It was like magic, I couldn't believe it, will defintely come back and would highly recommend to any kids.
Quon G.

I am delighted with Dr Lam and the whole team. The service is top notch, honest and professional.
Liat N-R.

Dr. Lam is absolutely wonderful! I had multiple cavities, and she was extremely gentle and explained everything throughout the process. Her way with teeth is amazing and she is an incredible dentist. I would highly recommend her to everybody! She is a jewel and all her co-workers are friendly! She is a blessing!
Paige H.

I have gone to a few appointments at Redmond Dental Smiles, and have enjoyed the energy and professionalism from those who work there.  Being able to watch Netflix during procedures is a plus! I am very happy with this office, and look forward to my visits!
Jason A.

I love Dr. Lam.  She is a tremendous dentist, thorough, pleasant and helpful.  I don't mind driving out of the way, as I have never had a problem with her service.  I was a patient of Dr. Hon's prior to her retirement.  I was not initially happy with the change in dentists, but the quality of Dr. Lam's service outweighed any fleeting concerns that I may have had.
Melanie M.
Dr. Lam has been my dentist for as long as I could remember. I was her patient ever since she was working at the fears clinic, to different partnerships with other dentists, and until now, that she owns her own clinic! I have to say that the main reason I became such a loyal patient was due to the combination of Dr. Lam’s personality, and her skills as a dentist. As a child, I had numerous experiences that caused me to have fear and anxiety when seeing a dentist. Up until now, I had these fears and anxiety. Dr. Lam has helped me cope with these feelings. She is very gentle, patient, and understanding. I have been to other dentists before who chooses quantity over quality. Many times they would rush our conversation or work very quickly to pump out more patients a day. Having Dr. Lam as my dentist, I feel a more personal connection since she actually takes the time to know me as her patient, and addresses all my concerns. She is also really skillful, this is also the reason why my father who has extreme fear of the dentist, would only trust and go to her. Her clinic is also really beautiful and relaxing. The waiting room reminds me of a spa. Her staff is wonderful and friendly! She also has a TV that you could watch as your sitting in the chair. This is great because I can focus on the television rather than the procedures! Being a fearful patient such as I, subtle things are apparent to me. Anything that makes me feel better, safe, and comfortable at the dental clinic is important! I recently got my night guard and my lower retainer. Dr. Lam and the staff did a wonderful job on it! The staff adjusted my night guard until it fit nicely. Dr. Lam got me a retainer that fit just right, so I could wear my night guard and my retainer at the same time. Again, I am really happy with the quality of care/results that Dr. Lam has provided. I truly trust and feel safe under Dr. Lam’s care, and now my anxiety has been reduced to little or none. I hope this post helps other people who care about the quality in dental care as much as I do. I wanted to provide the most accurate review for other people who are searching for better care. Once you're under Dr. Lam’s care, just like me, you will be too satisfied and your expectations might be too high to go anywhere else.
Marcy A.