Our Mission

We have assembled an experienced team dedicated to giving our patients the best care at every visit

Crafting Beautiful Smiles

Social Responsibility & Outreach

Having Fun

Core Principles

Quality Care & Safety

We treat our patients as we would like to be treated. Quality care includes respect for our patients' needs, providing a friendly and supportive atmosphere, and giving our best effort. We maintain the highest standards of sterility and asepsis. We follow all HIPPA guidelines for patient privacy.

Inform & Educate

We strive for thoroughness and complete accuracy in our diagnosis of dental conditions. We encourage our patients to be active participants in their treatment decisions. Answering questions and discussing the diagnosis and the various treatment options we offer is all part of our commitment to inform.


We will help our patients identify, understand and control the causes of dental disease, rather than only repairing the end result of disease. Teaching patients the techniques of preventive dentistry is an important part of our responsibility.

Optimal Health

We provide dentistry to those who are serious about their dental health. We encourage timely action in treating dental problems, because the longer treatment is delayed, the more complex, expensive, and uncertain it becomes.

Comfortable Dentistry

We want to make every dental visit a positive one. Patient comfort is a top priority; we ask for and honor individual needs and concerns.


We make every effort to see patients on time and complete all treatment in a timely manner.

Our Continuing Education

We continually refine our knowledge and technical abilities to benefit our patients. We are committed to self-growth and to our education.

Good Financial Relations

We maintain fair and reasonable fees for the services we provide. We assist patients in accessing their dental insurance benefits and managing any portion not covered by insurance.

Environmental Awareness

Throughout our office, we have eliminated any environmental exposure to hazardous materials and use environmentally friendly products when possible. We recycle everything that can be recycled.

Community Service

We believe that we have a social responsibility to give back. Each year, as a group, we volunteer in charity work and community service.